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        • 關于調整2020年7月托福考試的通知


            根據近期國內新冠肺炎疫情防控形勢和托福考點實際情況,經研究并商托福主辦機構美國教育考試服務處(ETS),決定從7月11日起恢復蘇州大學、揚州大學、寧波大學、西安外國語大學、深圳城市學院、上海中學、常州高級中學、東莞文盛國際學校、蘇州國際預科學校和深圳賽格人才培訓中心的托福考試(共10個考點,其7月4日和5日的托福考試取消, 考試費將全額退還至考生個人報名賬戶)。其它托福考點仍不具備組考條件,繼續取消其7月份的托福考試,考試費將全額退還至考生個人報名賬戶。


            Based on the domestic COVID-19 containment provision and  TOEFL test centres situation, decisions have been made in consultation with Educational Testing Service to resume TOEFL test from July 11th in the test centres of Suzhou University, Yangzhou University, Ningbo University, Xi’an International Studies University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shanghai Middle School, Changzhou Senior High School, International School of Dongguan,Suzhou International Foundation School and SEG Personnel Training Centre(10 centres in total, the tests on 4th and 5th July in the above-named  centres will still be cancelled and full test fees will be returned to the affected candidates’ personal registration account). The remaining test centres are still unable to run TOEFL and it has therefore been decided to CANCEL all July TOEFL tests in those test centres and return full test fees to personal registration accounts of those affected test takers.

            Depending on the readiness of test centres, we will adjust TOEFL test arrangement accordingly and provide additional test dates to test takers. TOEFL will resume in the remaining test centres in a phased approach. Please follow the updates of announcements on the registration website.